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The 100 Years in the Community, $100,000 For The Community campaign has been a great success and we are pleased to announce the winning charity for the month of August is ICAN (Independence Centre and Network)!!  Congrats to the team at ICAN and thank you for all the great work you do.

Here is a little bit about what ICAN does for our community, taken from their website:

The people who work at ICAN - Independence Centre and Network are passionate about helping seniors and people with physical disabilities. Our goal is your goal -- to have our clients live independent, productive and happy lives.

We are a non-profit organization that provides a variety of services, resources and support systems in both English and French. Our services include post stroke transitioning, supportive housing, outreach services, detailed assessments and progressive independence training.

ICAN has a distinguished history in the Greater Sudbury area. We were established back in 1977, the dream of a two person committee of the local parent Association for Cerebral Palsy and other physical handicaps. Since then, we have grown and flourished. Today, we have over 100 employees and have helped more than a thousand people since we first opened our doors. ICAN is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors made up of people with physical disabilities as well as representatives of the professional and business community.


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