Helping Camp Quality After Covid Cancels Pond Hockey Tournament

Covid has taken many things from us all over the past year, and unfortunately the latest was the Pond Hockey Festival on the Rocks...   This annual event is one that many people look forward to every year and sees thousands of people out on beautiful Lake Ramsey enjoying our winter wonderland in Sudbury.  A little fun and a little competition - Doyle Dodge has won the tournament three times, but who's counting....   Anyways, the biggest problem with the tournament being cancelled is that it is a huge fundraiser for a wonderful local cause - Camp Quality Northern Ontario.  Camp Quality is an organization that gives kids with cancer the chance to go to summer camp and get away from it all while enjoying the great outdoors.  There are few better causes than that!  So for that reason we decided to step up and replace some of that funding with a $10,000 donation to the cause.  In 2021 Doyle Dodge is celebrating our 100th year in business and has committed to donating over $100,000 to various charities -

$100k to support the community that has supported us for 100 years!!!