What You Need To Know For Ownership of a Diesel Engine

The fuel economy and financial savings when owning a diesel engine can be significant, but there are some extra requirements of ownership that you should know before buying.  Most of these are simple enough, but talk to one of our sales professionals to make sure you have the full picture:

·       Use only “Ultra-low” sulphur diesel fuels, coloured fuels of any type are not to be used in this vehicle and may damage key components.

·       Allow the engine to pre-heat before starting this is done by turning the key to the “run” position and waiting for the illuminated icon to disappear.

·       The vehicle’s block heater is recommended to be used at temperatures below -18C and is required to be used for temperatures of -29C or colder to assist in cold starts.

·       The use of Synthetic engine oil is recommended on 6.7L Cummins engines if the vehicle is to be driven consistently in -18C or colder temperatures.  We actually recommend that you only use synthetic oil.

·       The use of the winter grill cover is mandatory or severe engine damage may result which would not be covered by factory warranty.

·       Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is required to operate the vehicle and is widely available at the dealership or various retail outlets. The fluid is not to be kept in the cab of the vehicle as it will freeze at -11C and the tank must be kept no more than ¾ full during winter months.

·        The vehicle may periodically regenerate the exhaust system and requires the driver to maintain vehicle speed for 20 minutes (1500 models) and 40 minutes (HD models) to burn out the accumulated particulate matter in the exhaust system.

·       The use of the turbo charger cool down chart is critical to the longevity of your turbo charger. The vehicle must be left to idle for a short period of time to allow the circulation of coolant through the turbo charger to cool it down.

·       The use of aftermarket computer “tuners” may damage your vehicle’s engine and exhaust components and any resulting damage is not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

·       Please be advised that the 3.0L Ecodiesel engine uses 10.5L of low ash synthetic engine oil and oil change costs range in $250-$260+HST with oil prices as of August 2015.